and every wife had seven knives…

i don’t think that’s how the poem goes but it serves my purpose because in my last post, i threatened you with knives and it just so happens i have seven of them… or maybe i should say seven of them within reach. i may or may not have more, but i’d bet that i do.

i numbered them so’s i could describe them.

  1. Smith & Wesson SW2001B Baby SWAT Knife
    • this used to be my walking-around knife until i got #6. black powder-coated aluminum handle with mother-of-pearl inlay, and a 2.63″ teflon-coated stainless lock blade. thumb-flick open, thumb-operated liner lock – perfect for one-handed operation
  2. Smith & Wesson HRT3 Hostage Response Team Boot Knife
    • this is my UGG boot knife. yes, UGG boot knife. 3.5″ stainless blade, rubberised handle for grip and it fits the sheath snugly so no worries about losing it.
  3. Buck 759 Metro Keychain Pocket Knife
    • this is a handy little knife, and eco-friendly due to a 100% post-consumer recycled Paperstone handle. it’s got a wee 1 1/8″ stainless steel lock blade that, defensively speaking, would fillet a forehead quite well if necessary. oh, and it’s got a bottle opener on it.
  4. Smith & Wesson CK301 Bullseye Knife
    • this is basically a detail-oriented skinning knife for when you want to take extra care not to damage the hide. it’s sooper-sharp and kinda wicked looking too. 2.5″ blade and rubber handle.
  5. Handmade Custom Knife
    • this is my most special knife because this was my son’s knife. It was made specifically for him by one of my dad’s friends, Bill Callahan (whose name is engraved on the base of the blade at the handle). 4″ stainless blade, brass, oak, bone, and aluminum handle. It’s priceless.
  6. Buck USA Vantage Pro S30V
    • this is my current walking-around knife. it’s not exactly legal for me to carry this here (you know, the place where i live) but i’m sorry, that’s not how i was raised. i walk around alot and i’ve not had any probs with anyone sofar (except once when creepy bicycle guy got off his bike and walked along side me saying weird things for a few very uncomfortable minutes but i wouldn’t have needed the knife that time anyway because kicking him and his bicycle into oncoming traffic would have sufficed), but i’d rather have the knife and not need it than to need it and not have it. 3″ lock blade, Paperstone handle (see #3, above) and thumb-flick open and liner lock make this one also good for one-handed operation
  7. Buck Limited Edition 976 Heritage Custom File Dagger
    • fancy-shmancy machine grooved 6.625″ 420HC steel blade with twisted buffalo horn and turquoise handle and a nickel silver guard & butt. this is the only form-before-function knife that i own. only one of the two edges has been sharpened and that’s only got a [crappy] presentation edge on it. part of me wants to sharpen the hell out of it BUT then it would lose value as a collector’s item so i’ll leave it be, for now. only 250 of these were made. mine is # 173. pretty, innit?

and that’s my collection, as far as you know.
me xx

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