are those… panties??

dear dooney & bourke,

i LOVE LOVE LOVE some of your bags, particularly the vintage AWL stuff – in fact, i have a couple of those myself… and my all-black cavalry bag is probably my favourite bag EVERRRR:

but i also find myself strongly drawn to the sooper-smooth amato leather line AND i’ve been eyeballing some of your ostrich ones too. i may or may not secretly like a couple of the bags in the croco range too, but it’s nothing i would really admit in public.

having said that…

i know that these signature feed bags are no longer available (as such), and it’s just as well because i think they’re HIDEOUS (and i mean that in the nicest way possible, because i really do love you. they just aren’t my bag, baby) but i still have to ask – did you MEAN for them to look like they’re wearing granny panties or was someone just NOT paying attention?


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