Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada stole from a 100% service-connected disabled US Veteran and I’m not going to keep quiet about it

(EDIT – as of 10 december 2015, Bob Demuth in Reno, NV has STILL not given my dad his money back. This post is, unfortunately, still relevant.  also, this post had become MASSIVE because i’ve been adding information as i discover it, but i have now moved the individual bits and pieces to the comment section at the very bottom of this post. please have a look at those too, because i have included information that very clearly indicates that taking my dad’s money was not his first foray into unscrupulousness. this post is practically everything you ever wanted to know about Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada)

bob demuth in reno, nevada – if you’re reading this and I HOPE THAT YOU ARE, i have found you all over the web. it wasn’t difficult because your footprint is visible and i’m pretty good at the internet. there are quite a few people unhappy with you and i’m MORE than happy to tell them everything i know… and rest assured that i AM telling them. i’m also still having a look around and finding more info about how you’ve tried to, and HAVE, steal/stolen from people previously. 

Note – I had an attorney friend of mine look this over and he said he sees no problem with the contents of this post, and even went on to say that, “Online business needs to be self-policed to expose people who are untrustworthy.” and I completely agree. We online consumers can’t allow people do things like this without repercussion. I sent Bob DeMuth an email 48 hours prior to publishing this post, giving him a final opportunity to refund my dad, but he has chosen to ignore the request. The money involved is not a huge amount, but it’s the priniciple – or rather, Bob DeMuth’s lack thereof. My apologies to anyone who shares a name with this man. 

Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada scammed my dad, who is a 100% disabled US veteran. Don’t do business with Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada

All of the information I have gathered is directly from my dad’s facebook messenger, or is publicly available on the internet.

Here’s the short of it:

Back in August of 2013, my dad bought an antique Indian Motorcycle wrench for $250 from Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada, through Facebook. Dad even sent extra money over the agreed $250 for Bob DeMuth to insure the parcel accordingly, and not be out of pocket. Bob DeMuth sent an image of a USPS Priority Box addressed to my dad and said that he sent it, but the wrench never arrived. Bob DeMuth “can’t find” his receipt from the Post Office. My dad offered to split the loss with Bob DeMuth but Bob said he would refund the entire amount because he wanted to maintain his reputation (HAH!). That never happened, despite repeated contact. Bob DeMuth in Reno Nevada stopped replying to my dad on 17 March 2014.

It has now been a year and a half ago (update: it has now been over two years) since my dad sent Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada the money for that wrench, and dad has still not received his refund.

If Bob Demuth completes the transaction to my dad’s satisfaction, I might remove this post (ummm, yeah – i’m probably not going to remove it) but until such a time, I am going to post links to this page on websites that I believe are frequented by Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada, and people that may know Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada.

Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada scammed my dad, who is a 100% disabled US veteran. Don’t do business with Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada

My dad is a 100% Service-Connected Disabled United States Veteran and an extremely generous and altruistic man. I am furious that Bob DeMuth has taken advantage of him, and basically ripped him off.

Bob DeMuth told my dad that he would rather sell things on Facebook than on eBay because he doesn’t like eBay’s fees. Now that all of this has transpired, I think it’s more likely that Bob DeMuth doesn’t like eBay’s buyer protection services.

This is Bob DeMuth:


Don’t trust this man. [image src – linkedin]

Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada scammed my dad, who is a 100% disabled US veteran. Don’t do business with Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada


This is Bob DeMuth’s Facebook page –

and this is a screenshot of his facebook page profile header as of 3 march, 2015:


and here’s a more recent screencap of his facebook page as of 10 december 2015



He claims to be doing Research & Development for Motus since August 2013. These are his own words:

Motus Motorcycles – Development of motorcycle drag race team and engine development of new American made motorcycle for the purpose of drag racing within the rules of the NHRA and other governing bodies. Motus a new maker of a motorcycle line here in America has authorized our team of enthusiast to take their basic engine and develop it for use in the world of drag racing. Team DeMuth-Motus-Motorsports is very excited to be associated with Motus and to develop their basic engine into a World Class Drag Bike.

in fact, here’s a screencap of the entry on his linkedin page


I haven’t been able to confirm that on Motus’s side.  

UPDATE – Motus Motorcycles say that they “do not know Team DeMuth-Motus-Motorsports, and are not affiliated with them in any way.” i spoke with them directly.

He also claims to be sponsored by Summit Racing, (he was never sponsored by summit racing) who employ him (he doesn’t work there anymore, apparently) in the Facilities and Operations department (info below).

in fact, here’s the part in the long conversation (below) where he says (on 17 january, 2014) that summit has sponsored him:


i’ve confirmed that he doesn’t even work for summit racing, and has never ever been sponsored by them for ANYTHING. 

Incidentally, his phone number and address are also publicly available on the internet, but I’m making a point of not posting them here. You’re welcome, Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada.


Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada scammed my dad, who is a 100% disabled US veteran. Don’t do business with Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada

Here’s the long of it:
Below is a transcript of the Facebook conversation between my dad and Bob DeMuth – with the irrelevant parts removed and the remaining sensitive information redacted. It is now a year and a half later and my dad still has not received the wrench OR the refund and to add insult to injury, Bob DeMuth has blocked my dad on Facebook. You can see how my dad arranged the purchase, and was MORE than understanding at first, and then you can start to see where his frustration is kicking in, you can see when Bob DeMuth just stopped replying (17 March 2014) and then you can see when my dad gets full-on frustrated.

I’d also like to point out that my dad’s sole reason for buying the wrench was to turn around and GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE AS A GIFT because he’s that nice of a guy, whereas Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada is a horrible man and instead of sending the wrench (like he said he would), or refunding dad’s money when the wrench never turned up (like he said he would), he just kept me dad’s money.

Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada scammed my dad, who is a 100% disabled US veteran. Don’t do business with Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada



Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada scammed my dad, who is a 100% disabled US veteran. Don’t do business with Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada

Please feel free to share this post. Actually, please DO share this post. The more people that know about this guy, the better.


71 thoughts on “Bob DeMuth in Reno, Nevada stole from a 100% service-connected disabled US Veteran and I’m not going to keep quiet about it

  1. Wow….what. a. douchebag. I hope that the public shaming either inspires him to do the right thing or brings down the thunder on him via the people he works for and is “sponsored” by. Will share, and hope it goes viral. Sorry for your dad having to put up with this kind of crap.

  2. my dad has been a part of the motorcycle community for over 45 years and has done tons of business within that community – this is literally the FIRST time that this has happened to him.

  3. in the madass army link, two posts above, it looks like he double charged a couple of those people and still didn’t send their parts out.

  4. Quite the interesting read. And YES I read the whole thing! This guy is the lowest of lows. Certainly hope he finally gets his “just rewards”, like a stint in jail for theft and fraud. Sharing this!

  5. update – 190 facebook shares so far.
    976 people in 25 different countries have seen my post about this fraudster, and 880 of those have been in the United States of America.

    a friend of mine said it best – “Online business needs to be self-policed to expose people who are untrustworthy.”

    Bob DeMuth who currently resides in Reno, Nevada is one of those untrustworthy people.

    a big THANK YOU to everyone who has shared this post! Please keep it going.

  6. His LinkedIn profile lists his current employers as

    1) Summit Racing Equipment (who, obviously, are not at all responsible for Bob DeMuth scamming my dad, but I wonder if they know they have  a dishonest man doing boiler detail at their business. If he can scam a 100% disabled US veteran so unscrupulously, then what else might he do? note – he doesn’t work for them anymore, if he ever did, but i don’t have further details on this… YET

    2) DeMuth Designs – just a Facebook page, really, but with a business address that is smack in the middle of an apartment complex. This is DeMuth Designs’ Facebook page – 

    UPDATE – he has since deleted or disabled this page

    3) PB “Dutch” Warmerdam Aviation – Bob DeMuth says he is “Chief Mechanic for Helicopter and Corperate (sic) Jet” for this company. He is also the only person on LinkedIn who lists this company as a current or former employer – just Bob DeMuth. I would also like to point out that I can find NO info on the internet for this company aside from DeMuth’s own entries. I can’t even find anyone on the internet called “PB” or “Dutch” Warmerdam except for the late pole vaulter and a fellow named Peet Warmerdam, who is Dutch, and neither of them seemed to have anything to do with helicopters.

  7. i found this and, frankly, i question the accuracy of the details. Command Sergeant Major? 7 promotions (has since been removed) and no Dates of Service specified? – This is his RallyPoint (US Military Professional Network) profile – .

    He claims to have done his basic training at Fort Ord, California and he also says at one point he was stationed in Alaska at Fort Richardson and was with Special Services as a Military Ski Patrolman at the Army run Ski Area Artic Valley.

    Also says he served 11 months in viet nam before he got injured there (he says he “forgot to duck”) – 501st of the 101st as a 31E but then he says he was a radio repairman and then later became radio telephone operator (RTO). 

  8. UPDATE – this is his coroflot page, which gives details about what he claims is his work history –

    because he’s disabling and editing pages since i’ve posted them here, this is what he says is his work history:

    Work History

    DeMuth Designs
    Jun 2013 – Present (2 years 6 months)

    Consulting in the Motorcycle, Snow sports, and Aviation Industries. Ergonomic prototype designs for Motorcycles, Snow sports equipment, and Helicopters. Adaptive controls and equipment for amputees. Expert in composites. Master mechanic. Will never say it can’t be done.

    Chief Mechanic for Helicopter and Corperate (sic) Jet
    P.B.”Dutch” Warmerdam Aviation
    Apr 2005 – Present (10 years 8 months)

    Part Time on call Mechanic and Pilot for clients personal aircraft. Work on Bell 407 and Citation 10 aircraft.

    Consultant, Pilot/Mechanic/Business Development
    Insulting Consulting
    Apr 2002 – Present (13 years 8 months)

    Varied Skills. Helicopter Pilot, A&P Mechanic/Millwright, Expert Composite Craftsman, CDL Holder,Former Business Owner, RV, Ski/Snowboard Manufacturing Consultant. Company name is tongue & cheek humor. but all consulting is serious business. I do my best to give you the right answers to improve your business. I have also just began the development of a motorcycle race team using a new American motorcycle as the basis for the teams development. We are in the preliminary stages of development and I am very excited about the potential of its future and of the race team itself. Check here for updates as we progress.

    Millwright/ Electro-Mechanical Tech
    Square One Solutions
    Dec 2012 – Jun 2013 (6 months)

    Currently working on call as an Millwright/ Electro-Mechanical Tech . Have worked on assignments with Gorton Seafoods Sparks Nevada.

    Facility Tech- Millwright
    Dec 2011 – Nov 2012 (11 months)

    Through Temp Agency “Apple One Staffing” Worked at IGT as a Facility Tech and Millwright taking care of all facility. Conveyors, Lifts, Printers, Data lines, Video Screens, et al.

    Reno Motorsport Concepts
    Jan 2011 – Nov 2011 (10 months)

    Co-Owner of Motorcycle Dealership. Sales, Service, Parts, Acessories (sic).

    Millwright/Boiler Operator
    Ralston Foods Sparks, Nevada.
    Oct 2009 – Nov 2010 (1 year 1 month)

    Repair of all Cookers, Bakers, Extruders, Rollers, Conveyors, Packers, Baggers, Operator of two 750 horse power boilers, Chemical testing, Steam Traps, Steam lines, Condensate Pumps,

    Electro-Mechanical Tech
    Eagle Global Logistics
    Jun 2007 – Oct 2009 (2 years 4 months)

    Repair and Maintenance of Conveyors, Sorters, Printers, Scanners, Case Erectors, Tapers, Fork lifts, Packers.

    Electro-Mechanical Tech
    Anderson Merchandisers
    Oct 2004 – Jun 2007 (2 years 8 months)

    Repair of conveyors, Scanners , Sorters, Printers, Case Erectors, Tapers, Fork lifts.

    Facility Tech Fernley, Nevada
    Jun 2002 – Oct 2004 (2 years 4 months)

    Facility Tech. Repair of all processing equipment in the plant, Conveyors, Printers, Sorters, Case Erectors. Tilt Tray Sorters, Scanners.

    Installation Tech/Millwright
    Notrthrop Grumman
    Jan 2000 – Jan 2002 (2 years)

    AFSM 100 install program United States Post Office. Installation Tech/Millwright.

    Aircraft Mechanic
    Mather Aviation
    Jun 1995 – Jun 1998 (3 years)

    Aircraft Mechanic on line and customer aircraft.

    Aircraft Mechanic/Pilot
    Rainbow Pacific Helicopters
    Sep 1994 – Jun 1995 (9 months)

    Aircraft Mechanic at Helicopter School. Pilot.

    Aircraft Mechanic/Pilot
    Riverside Air Service
    Aug 1992 – Sep 1994 (2 years 1 month)

    Aircraft mechanic, 100 hours, Annuals, and service of all aircraft within Company.

    Aircraft Mechanic/ Pilot
    Hiser Helicopters Inc.
    Oct 1990 – Jul 1992 (1 year 9 months)

    Helicopter Pilot and Aircraft Mechanic

  9. He graduated from San Rafael High School (California) in 1972.

    He claims to have attended University of California at Santa Barbara for at least one semester

    He claims to have attended Sacramento Community College from 1995-1998 and graduated with an Assiciate’s Degree in Aviation Maintenance

    He also claims to have attended Truckee Meadows Community College beginning in 2005.

    And another claim is that he graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Maintenance/Management


    according to a post made on the above linked facebook group page on 4 January, 2015, he’s applying for the Head Football Coach at San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California, which is just over three hours away from Reno/Sparks, Nevada. Here’s a question for the citizens of San Rafael, California with children attending San Rafael High School who are also in the Football Program – do you want a man who has scammed a 100% disabled US veteran coaching your children???

    UPDATE – fortunately for the children of San Rafael, he didn’t get the job. also, the facebook group for the link above is one that HE created, and has since changed it to a closed group – i reckon he’s onto me, and i’ve no problem with that. 

  11. There also may or may not be a criminal court record in California for which I may or may not have the case number. (there totally is, and i totally have it)

    UPDATE – i now have the details of it. did you ever get that warrant sorted, bobby? $10,000 bail is kind of high, isn’t it?

  12. He lists his previous employers as

    1) Square One Solutions – a staffing company where he worked 7 months on call as an Millwright/ Electro-Mechanical Technician

    2) AppleOne – another staffing company where he worked one year as a Facility Technician and Millwright who took care of “all facility. Conveyors, Lifts, Printers, Data lines, Video Screens.”

    3) Reno Motorsport Concepts – something Bob DeMuth “co-owned” for 11 months.

    UPDATE  – I have found a link to this motorcycle forum

    where Bob DeMuth aka MadInReno d/b/a Reno Motorsport Concepts was scamming customers back in 2011 by double charging them, not sending their items, and not responding to emails. Customers had to have chargebacks to their credit cards or have PayPal reimburse them for charges made by Bob Demuth aka MadInReno d/b/a Reno Motorsport Concepts.

  13. So that we’re clear on which Bob Demuth we’re talking about here,
    Bob DeMuth’s father was John Robert Demuth (Rest in Peace, Sir, and thank you for your service)

    “John served on the USS Ticonderoga. born on December 3rd 1925. After WWll, he was a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Dept. in the late 40’s and early 50’s . John also served on the USS Shangri La. including the time it had been involved in the nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll. The cancer he had at age 65. Which took his life in 1991. Is believed to have been due to the radiation he was exposed to at the testing.”


    i also found this additional info in a post he made here:

    his Grandfather was Leo Mathius DeMuth
    his Father had two brothers. Bill DeMuth and Richard DeMuth
    his Father had one sister Jean Marie DeMuth (Fawcett)
    he has four Brothers – John Marshall DeMuth is his full brother
    and then Terry Robert DeMuth, Gerald Branden DeMuth, and Larry DeMuth (terry jerry and larry) are his half-brothers. same dad, different mom)
    he has 5 sons David James DeMuth, Joseph Daniel DeMuth (whom i believe is deceased), Stephen Glenn DeMuth, Brian Michael DeMuth, Scott Robert DeMuth

    Bob’s mother’s maiden name was most likely Adrian/Adrien.
    Bob was, but is not longer, married to Janet M Baltazar (-DeMuth)

  14. Bob Demuth in Reno, Nevada was born in 1954. As soon as I find the month and day of his birth, I’m going to submit a(n) FOIA request to the NPRC in St.Louis.

    I’m pretty sure I have them around here somewhere…
    i’m thinking 30 April 1954…
    and that his actual given name is “Bobe”, and not “Robert” as one might expect BUT i’m looking into this further for some clarification.

    Nile B. McCoy

  16. in the interest of privacy for someone related to bob demuth, i’ll not link the source here but it is from a facebook page of a relative of his. here’s what Bob DeMuth had to say on 1 November 2015:

    “I worked with Bill Ferguson who was an instructor pilot (I.P) for the SR71. He was our Chief Pilot at Hiser’s Helicopters when I worked there in Corona.”

    note – it’s HISER Helicopters, not “hiser’s”. he should know that.

    also, on his linkedin page, he lists hiser helicopters as part of his education:

    Hiser Helicopters Inc.
    FAA Certificate, Rotorcraft (helicopter) flight
    1990 – 1992
    Helicopter Flight School

    BUT on his coroflot page, he lists hiser helicopters as an employer:

    Aircraft Mechanic/ Pilot
    Hiser Helicopters Inc.Oct 1990 – Jul 1992 (1 year 9 months)
    Helicopter Pilot and Aircraft Mechanic


  17. here is a link to a post by a man who had been communicating with bob demuth in 2007. bob has told this fellow that he is teaching a “class” and that he is the “head motorcycle mechanic/instructor”

    did you see it?
    this guy has been told this:
    “Bob DeMuth
    Head Motorcycle Mechanic/Instructor
    TMCC MSF Program”

    …except that he has a yahoo email address instead of a tmcc dot edu address, which is, in itself, fishy.

    i’m currently checking this one out. i’ll post my findings soon.


    oh oh oh and here he is again except this time he’s in a different capacity at truckee meadows community college
    “Bob DeMuth
    Hyosung National Mechanic Training Center
    TMCC IGT Applied Training Center
    Reno, NV.”

    he’s posting as hyoSilverState, last entry on this page;wap2

  18. at one point, bob demuth had a 2002 chevy silverado 1500 with a 4.3L under the hood. he might still have it, dunno.

  19. here is bob demuth’s PUBLIC profile on photobucket

    i looked at ALL of them, and some of those shouldn’t be public, bob.

    also, some of them violate photobucket’s TOS. i might have to report you on those.

    oh, and just so you know, bob demuth in reno nevada, if you DO make your photobucket photo album private, everything you’ve shared from it on all of those forums will suddenly disappear. you’ll have to get that sorted.

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