he started it

when one flies east over the atlantic on a commercial flight, it’s going to be an overnight flight, so when i fly back to ireland from florida, i almost always get to see the sun rise over ireland.  this picture is from one of those five mile high mornings:

flying in over ireland at sunrise

i flew into dublin the last time i came back from florida. i had made a list of the 8-10 food-type items that i brought back with me, and even though i knew everything i had was permitted, i was determined to make customs look at my list (as they’re MEANT TO). so… after i got through immigration (passport control), i went through the customs “channels”, choosing the Something to Declare line at the end of which were two cute little customs agent boys. i approached them with my customs declaration and my list of stuff in hand, and this very short conversation occurred:

me: hiya. i brought stuff from the US and i want to tell you everything i have. i have a list right here. let’s see, i have 2 thingies of creole seasoning and some ground coffee and umm… some dried red beans and rice and some red hots and… here, there’s more – you can read it (i handed over the list)

cute little customs agent boy #1 (looks over list, nods his head and hands it back with a cheeky grin): well that looks alright. so no cocaine or heroin then?

me (gesturing dismissively, but with a similarly cheeky grin): nah. i already did all that.

and then cute little customs agent boys #1 & 2 and i all said, “hahaha” at the same time and i grabbed my shit and threw it on a bus heading north to belfast.

now, i don’t usually screw around AT ALL with those guys, but i know a joker when i see one.

…and anyway he started it.

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