i called bullshit

i don’t usually get involved with political nonsense on facebook, but a post showed up in my feed due to one of my FB friends having been tagged in it, and i made the huge mistake of looking at the link and then felt the need to comment, because it was an incredibly stupid and inflammatory article.

this is the bullshit article in question

frankly, i DGAF that the article was about michelle obama – it could have been about donald trump, that short fat ugly kid that runs north korea, the mayor of Who Cares, or fred flintstone. MY POINT was that the article was bullshit, or as i called it in one of my comments (below) vitriolic shite.

i cannot prove it, but i suspect these people only read the narrative and couldn’t be bothered watching the video.

here is the screencapped facebook convo. i got blocked after this (but not before the villagers came together and were all like, “block her, who is she, i don’t know, some girl living in ireland whose (sic) defending michelle obama what a shame” blah blah blah)  i stand by everything i said, but they still didn’t get it.


this is grace:

facebook screencap

facebook screencap


this is roger:

facebook screencap

facebook screencap


peggy and amy have pics too, but they weren’t prominent in this conversation so i won’t post them here.

finally, on a side note, i was actually born in orlando.

9 thoughts on “i called bullshit

  1. – I didn’t watch the video and only scanned the article, mainly because I find article spewing hate distasteful regardless of who it’s about. That and it’s not even 6am here, too early to start with hate.

    But yeah, you were dealing with idiots there, who wanted to have their own bigotry confirmed by an ugly article rather than any concern of the truth.

    Saw red at the “apes” comment myself – disgusting excuses for human beings.

    Fight the good fight Dahling, but don’t let the idiots grind you down.


  2. lol, omg, I hope you don’t have high blood pressure, that one would’ve sent it through the roof! Appreciate that you can defend your arguments logically, factually, and without excessive cursing and name calling. Will you be continuing this on other topics?

  3. i dunno, i often can’t even be bothered debating because i’m not that passionate. sometimes though, people rub me the wrong way and i’ll have a go at them. i do try to maintain some manner of civility but i can also rip them a new one if i feel like it.

    *smiles sweetly”

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