i edged the lawn today… with a knife.


i like to let the neighbours see me out in the garden with my knife. it keeps them from getting too friendly, but not so much as to stop them from giving me artichokes and raspberries from their garden now and again.

anyhoo, between cutting sods, weeding, and edging the front garden today, my smith & wesson HRT boot knife  now has on it the blood of a thousand earthworms


the front lawn is edged, i got 20 square feet of sod [temporarily] relocated, the flowerbeds are bigger and everything got fertilised with horseshit and at least two thousand pieces of earthworm.

4 thoughts on “i edged the lawn today… with a knife.

  1. once, when mom and i were out gardening at the edge of the property, two creepy old guys on bicycles kept riding by and leering at us so after about the third time, i stood up and acknowledged them with a nod while letting them see the butcher knife in my hand. they didn’t ride by again for the rest of the day.

  2. incidentally, while i was out gardening yesterday, i worked out how to throw that particular knife at stuff and make it stick.

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