i has aloe!

i grew up with aloe vera plants. anytime i got a nick or a bite or a scrape or a cut or a blister or a burn (etcetera), i could just break off a bit of aloe leaf to smear on myself as needed. it really is a miracle cure-all plant and i am a believer. i’ve been wanting an aloe plant here in belfast for quite some time but i never really got around to it. every time i come back from florida, i consider trying to smuggle some into the UK but i’m too much of a rule-follower… seriously… i am. (you shut up!)

a few days ago (just after my most recent aloe-less return from FL), i decided to have a look online to see if  i could find some… and i did. the best deal i could find was at an online shop called Divine Cactus. i ordered two of the “medium” plants on sunday night and at noon on wednesday, i received two healthy and well-packed aloe plants. the one litre pellegrino bottle is for size reference.

my aloe plants

i paid just over £20 for them, including p&p (s&h) but these plants should live indefinitely and at some point, i expect them to start having pups so really i shouldn’t need anymore aloe plants ever. i know it’s silly to be excited about aloe plants, but i am (yay!).

now i hafta find some groovy little pots.

4 thoughts on “i has aloe!

  1. I managed to kill my aloe plant. Which is quite a feat considering how hard they are to kill and how rarely you have to water them.

  2. did you leave it under the doormat? my ma and i dug a bunch of ’em up once and then forgot one on a sunny shelf for MONTHS with no water or soil and it practically flourished.

  3. I am going to need you to do the sterling to dollar conversion please. I can’t do math, but would like to be able to make mental comments like, “hmmm, that’s not too expensive” or “holy shit, what was she thinking paying that” on occasion. Thanks for your time.

  4. they were about 10 US clams each, and another 10 for delivery to zee island. both plants are over 12″ tall and very healthy. you also hafta factor in my *want*… err, factor (high), and allow for them being functional (in addition to the gel, they are one of the few plants that convert CO2 into O2 AT NIGHT. or sthg.)

    so hey – what do you think they’d do if i gave them sparkling water?

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