i have a giraffe neck

right, every medical professional who’s ever said to me “psychosomatic pain” and/or “psychological causes” can SUCK IT. i’ve finally had some x-rays of my neck taken by someone who actually looked at them afterwards and *SURPRISE* i’ve basically had whiplash for the last 15+ years. one’s cervical spine (neck) is meant to have a 30-40 degree curve in it but mine is stick-frickin-straight AND i’ve got osteoarthritis/bone spurs because it’s been like this so long. i am both pissed off and relieved. pissed off that it’s gone undiagnosed for so long that i now have permanent damage, and relieved because it means that there’s an actual reason for the chronic pain i’ve had for years and that i haven’t been just being a wuss all this time.

the pic on the left shows a random neck with a normal curve, the pic on the right is me.

phase two subluxation degeneration – phase two is normally seen in uncorrected subluxations present for 20 to 40 years. it is recognized on X-ray views of the spine by visible bone spurs and rough edges of the vertebrae.

oh look. visible bone spurs and rough edges:

so yeah, it kinda sucks BUT at least now i know what’s wrong with my neck/shoulders/upper back.

the fact that i have a short leg, a curve in my spine, and that my pelvis is both rotated AND tilted is a whole other post.

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  1. you can either click on the title of the post, the “see more” link or “read entire article” to see the whole thing but i’ll send you a note anyway because i love you <3<3<3

  2. There is a Doctor in Gainesville FL whose specialty is correction and removal of said bone growth. I met a Vet @ the Hogtown VAMC who said he was in a wheelchair for 2.5 years until he found this Dr. He was standing tall and walking proud when we met. Mentioned the sawbones showed him a coffee can 1/2 full of bone spurs & ‘growth’ removed from his spine.
    As Betty Davis so aptly noted: ” Getting old ain’t for sissies”.

  3. My pelvis is also cattywaumpous. The folks @ Phys.Thpy. said that makes a leg seem shorter and a properly sized lift in yur shoe lets the pelvis self correct to a degree and that aids in pain relief.

  4. Welcome to the club. We have become the short circuit between the handlebars and seat. Learning and practicing proper daily stretching and exercise and finding the correct meds is key in dealing with these issues Michelle. I also use daily cervical traction. I’ve spent the last 18 months studying and fighting with a loss of 10lbs of muscle in my left hand and arm because of this mess damaging down my left Brachial plexus nerve. You and you doctors are in our prayers Michelle!

  5. Ive put up with sever migraines for almost for 10 years, and eventually saw a neurologist who gave me meds that didnt work. Now 3 years later, after my headaches getting more frequent and painful, a chiropractor finally took an x ray of my neck and i have the same problem!! So frustrating! If only one of my doctors, who all know i get migraines, would have suggested x rays!! Oh well, Im getting successful treatment now 🙂

  6. You should sue the doctors who failed you. It isn’t like you have some rare disease that is difficult to detect, all they needed to do was an X-Ray.

  7. I have the same thing. What did yours cost to fix? I just found out about mine. After getting a “discount” the chiropractor said it be in the $3000 range. Is that typical?

  8. derek – my symptoms include frequent headaches and chronic back pain in the upper thoracic region of my spine. it’s gotten to the point now that, when i turn my head right or left, it sounds [to me, inside my head] like someone is walking behind me on gravel.

    dawn – i’ve found that a half-round memory foam neck roll-type pillow (or a squishy feather pillow) helps me get comfortable at night. i sort of use it to conform to my head and neck to give the most support to my neck while placing my head and spine in the most natural position possible instead of at some weird, awkward angle like so many people do.

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