the world’s greatest onesie

i’m never taking this thing off.

i say “never” to make a point – the reality is that i pretty much have to disrobe every time i need to take a whiz but hey, that’s a small price to pay for comfort of this magnitude. it’s all fleecy-lined and warm and snuggly… and these are really important things for someone as tactile as myself PLUS there’s that whole thing about how i am not in my native latitude and could quite easily freeze to death due to this Siberian Cold Front that’s wandering around (no shit)… so, you know, it’s a survival onesie.

i am fortunate to have two of them and frankly, you’d have one hell of a time getting either of them away from me. seriously. i will elbow you.

if you’re ok with the moderate-to-extreme baggy-arse aspect of them, and if you can get used to the 3″ (approximately) lower zipper tab/pull thingy flapping around between your legs, then you should check them out but be warned – the onesie bar is HIGH:

OnePiece UK
OnePiece US

They’re a bit pricey but the quality is amazing. you can catch some pretty good sales if you’re paying attention – i got both of mine for less than half of the regular price.


2 thoughts on “the world’s greatest onesie

  1. you would love these. for reference, the one i’m wearing in the post pics is an XS but they have smaller sizes available.

    you should definitely look at the Teddy Fleece one. that’s the other one i have and it is every bit as snuggly and warm as it looks on the website.


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