maybe i’ll keep it afterall

my husband’s sister and her family were over for christmas this year and i was trying to make her take my trumpet home to london for one of her three boys AND THEN i realised that my mother-in-law was actually kind of [unexpectedly] excited to learn that i even have a trumpet  AND she wanted to hear me play something. even if it was badly. and it was*
at one point i had worked out the trumpet part in NOFX’s Flossing a Dead Horse (below) and i’m thinking maybe i’ll keep the trumpet and figure it out again.

this tune makes me happy. it’s a happy tune.

hmmm… i bet hubs can improvise the drum part for me and i can make nephew learn the geetar bit…

oh! oh! oh! i know! we could start a band.


* to be fair, the trumpet hasn’t been touched or maintained in two years and i wasn’t warmed up or nuffin’**

**she seemed to like my attempt anyway.

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