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i really like the functionality and organisation that microsoft outlook can provide, but i am NOT putting office on my next laptop for various reasons including the price*.

last week i was looking for email client alternatives and found zimbra desktop. it meets my requirements and there’s a comforting familiarity about the interface – it still has to be learned but it’s relatively intuitive. it’s great for online email services too, because you can access your email even when you’re offline (which you can NOT do if you currently have to log into a website to view your email). i’m just running my primary personal email and my gmail** accounts in there now , but i can (am gonna) add my hotmail and yahoo accounts. it keeps the accounts separate, but you CAN move emails and contacts etc across accounts if you want/need to. i’ve found that handy a few times already. there’s also a social networking aspect of it that i haven’t set up yet because i’m not fussed about that part, but you might be.

so yeah, i’m barely scratching the surface of what it can do, but i like it ALOT so far.  in summary – i think Zimbra Desktop is [easily] an acceptable alternative to Microsoft Outlook. it might even be better, and not just because it’s free.

Zimbra Desktop information and download are available here

do any of you people use it, or have you tried it? do you like it? can you suggest something better?


* i don’t mean the cost of the software, i mean my soul… assuming i still have one. i might have traded it for a candy bar back in the 80’s.

** note – when i imported my emails, contacts, and account settings from gmail, zimbra did NOT grab my drafts (in drafts folder, obvs)  from the gmail server. i had to copy those over manually, but it was just two of them, and it was literally cut and paste into a new mail, then save draft. no harm no foul.

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