reilly rocket – my favourite coffee shop in london

i’m not easily de-socked, but reilly rocket coffee shop knocks them right off me! it’s easily one of my favourite places to go when i’m in london. i like it so much that i make sure to always have some manner of business nearby so’s i can stop in.

reilly rocket is in dalston, in the back of motoden suzuki, at the corner of kingsland road and tottenham road (click here for a map). not only is the customer service fantastic, but they also serve square mile coffee (hands down, the BEST coffee) any way you want it, they have magnificent hot chocolate, AND THEY HAVE CAKE! i love cake. AND THEY HAVE MOTORCYCLES! i love motorcycles (i got my first one when i was 6. thanks dad!). the decor is pretty groovy too. it’s what you might expect in a coffee shop of this nature, all motorcyle-y and retro-ish. if you’ve ever been in any motorcycle shop anywhere circa 1980’s, you’ll know what i mean.

the coffee is fantastic all the time, but i think saturdays are best for cake 🙂 i suppose it’s worth mentioning that, if you don’t want cake, they DO have a very nice selection of pastries and sammiches… but, yaknow… WHO DOESN’T WANT CAKE!??!

so yeah, coffee and cake (and hot chocolate and pastries and sammiches, OH MY!) and motorcycles – an excellent combo. if you’re in london, stop in and have a cuppa. you won’t regret it. grab one for me too, please – i’ll join you on their big comfy couch just as soon as i get back there!

Reilly Rocket
507 Tottenham Road, London, E8 4AU
Monday to Friday – 7am to 5pm
Saturday & Sunday – 7am to 6pm


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