talking balls

earlier this year, hubs bought a new amp and speakers n’stuff and INSISTED on talking to me about them, even though he KNEW that he was killing me slowly by doing it. this was one of those times:

Homer: would you like to read the specs etc sheet on it? 4 layer circuit boards, 120db SNR

Me: already did

Homer: haha no you didn’t

Me: i did

Homer: it has its own circuit breaker… no fuses

Me: i know

Homer: no you see, you lie… what’s it out put at 8 ohms then?

Me: 20 volts (or 2.5 amperes)

Homer: lol

Me: it depends on the speakers… which i already know all about

Homer: hahaha in what way does it depend?

Me: output impedance

Homer: and not the number of speakers connected then?

Me: output impedance x number of speakers. wait! i mean plus, not times

Homer: so how many watts per channel into my speakers then?

Homer: take your time.

Me: thingy.

Me: 100… or 20… or possibly 120

Homer: stop guessing

Me: no, not 120… that’s all channels added together

Homer: it’s 180 watts at 8 ohms all channels driven 225 watts at 8ohms 1 channel driven.

Me: that’s what i meant.

Homer: no, stop talking balls.

Me: heh.

just in case you can’t tell, he was correct – i was talking absolute shite. i am many [awesome] things, but an a/v geek is not one of them.


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