the world’s greatest (and nicest) twitter giveaway guy

for the past few weeks, i’ve been following @davelackie on twitter. i initially started following him because, several times a week, he gives away some the most beautiful and posh skincare, fragrance and beauty products from the likes of Chanel, GucciYves Saint Laurent, Guerlain, Clinique, Clarins, Nars, Lancome, Marc Jacobs, Escada… and the list just goes on and on, and all it takes to enter is to follow him and RT (retweet) when he tweets about a new contest.

this is some of the stuff he’s given away previously:


immediately after i started following and retweeting this guy i didn’t know, i had a wee nosy around and discovered that  dave is somewhat of a guru, and among other things, he is the editor of BEAUTY the Guide, a very sparkly online glossy about, as the name would imply, beauty (which explains the products he gives away). i checked out the magazine, and it is stunning. if you’re into that kind of thing, you should have a look. there are interviews and tutorials and the latest and greatest product adverts, and everything else you would expect from this type of magazine.

here’s the cover of the jan/feb issue:


so like i said, i’ve been following him for a few weeks now, and i’ve seen loads of people from all over the world win these great prizes (which he sends through the post with a handwritten congratulatory note), but he actually takes the time – a LOT of time – to interact with just about everyone. he even tweeted a friendly greeting to me when i suggested that one of my friends follow him for a chance to win…


it didn’t take me long to realise that, not only is he all the stuff i’ve mentioned above (and more – he’s an incredibly busy man), he is also a REALLY NICE GUY. like, a truly and genuinely NICE GUY. i’ve very quickly become a huge fan of dave’s, and not just because he gives away good stuff.

if you’re curious, here are a couple of prizes that are going to be won by some lucky someone, somewhere, in about 48 hours, simply for retweeting him when he mentions a contest:

suiAnna Sui Beauty Collection


yslYves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupte Set

so, take a look at his online magazine – BEAUTY the Guide, follow him on twitter (@davelackie), RT him when you see a new comp open up, and engage him in conversation if you like. he’s delightful.

i haven’t won anything yet, but i’m trying… along with approximately 2,500 other people, and that number is growing daily.

(and no, i don’t get brownie points for this post. each entrant gets a fair shot at each contest they retweet. i’m just trying to spread the love.)

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