they make me run faster

i wore out my red suede vans. it’s a shame too, because they’re seriously great sneakers. they’re comfy and i can (and have) walked in them for miles and miles and miles. there’s nothing wrong with the uppers at all, it’s just the soles that have worn thin and now i’ve broken through the rubber on one of the heels (see pic, below) so the next time i walk through a puddle, they’re gonna suction water into my shoe. this is ireland, there WILL be puddles, and i have a wet sock phobia.

i haven’t been able to  find the same model vans that i like so much, so i’ve been eyeing the ridiculously-colourful turquoise suede etnies for a month and finally ordered them last week. i’m glad i did.

i wasn’t sure, but they do end up running true-to-size. i crossed my fingers and ordered my usual 4UK/37EU/6.5US and fortunately they fit me just fine whereas i have to get vans a half-size larger because they run small. the overall style is sooper-similar to the vans in question, which is great, but i prefer the sole construction of the vans. having said that, i’m pretty happy with the etnies.

i walked two miles in them yesterday and they were a bit stiff for the first half-mile or so but after that they were fine except for one little place on my right pinky toe where they rubbed ever-so-slightly. i walked another two miles today and the pinky toe was fine but my right heel was rubbing a little bit (but not enough for blisters).  i should probably do another couple two-mile stretches to finish breaking them in, but i expect they’ll be absolutely fine for the full five miles after that.

i’ve not owned etnies before. i hope they last as long as the vans. i’m not counting on it but if they do, i won’t need new sneakers until 2016.

on a side note, the curtains match the wallpaper. you know, in case you were wondering.

and now i’m off to mow the lawns.

toodles xx

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