things i like

i add to and subtract from this list every few years as applicable. it’s good for my head to see stuff written out like this. there may be similar or related things in the list, but i don’t think i’ve any duplications. not that it matters, i doubt anyone will actually read the entire list but that’s ok because it’s really more for me anyway.


…in no particular order

thunder, oysters, safety pins, diamond earrings, sunbathing, campfires, coca-cola, baby powder, muscle cars, road trips, sunlight that’s not in my eyes, florida beaches, honda motorcycles, in bruges, red medium point papermate pens, gigantic oak trees, cats, josh homme, the suwannee river, patchouli, flowers, super-sweet iced tea, SOAD, things in which to put other things, strawberries, fancy shower gels, old wooden furniture, live music, lead crystal, shorty-short shorts and tank tops, ladies pistols, incense, art deco, platinum silver and goldfinger, good fiction, stern shiatsu, little river springs, 1968 chevy stepsides, police scanners, policemen, hotel soaps, converse shoes, new orleans, tube socks, hurricanes, apple butter, LTJ, a slight buzz, photoshop, gadgets, ethnic diversity, sunglasses, mango peach and pineapple salsa, chenille, camping, ho-red fingernail polish, vanilla and caramel, going barefoot, snakes, crab legs, pecan pie, dry humor, screened front porches, back yards, jeans, mice, red meat, brushed steel, belly rings, qotsa, black leather biker boots, black leather couches, schoolhouse rock, river rocks, showers, dark sunglasses, unsalted sweet cream butter, going topless, going bottomless, bacon, swimming, floating, watermelon, our miss brooks, sushi, naps, crushed ice, mashed potatoes, hematite, fancy underwears, phlox, ralph fiennes, guava jelly, guacamole, nose rings, djeep lighters, RBF waterproof matches, high speed internet, survival gear, my clarisonic mia, big knives, grits, trains, mello-yello, off-color jokes, tan lines, yellow mustard, big black sharpies, really hot weather, air conditioning, fireplaces, duct tape, bob marley, hawks, sarcasm, gravy, donating blood, inglorious basterds, leather pants, medium rare ribeye steaks, seared goose liver and a good merlot, those grass-wrapped bottles of chianti, pink bikinis, smooth transitions, waterfalls, bean oil exhaust, rotary combustion engines, hot tubs, dark movie theaters, old windows, o-rings, pineapples, the dalai lama, weird fish stuff, pervy dreams, seedless grapes, one-liners, big words, made-up words, being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, small towns, oak trees, teryaki beef jerky, well-manicured toenails, french feta, stained glass, backpacks, braids and ponytails, fireflies, half-n-half, honey bees, douglas adams, the swedish chef, electric staplers, candles, proper smoked pork ribs, actual aliens, tropical islands, garlic as a side dish, terry prachett, forts, spelunking, woodcarvings, multi-colored lighting, blatant embellishment, horseradish, cupcakes, dave grohl, feather dusters, feather beds, blankets, men in uniform, having freshly shaved legs, not shaving my legs, instant gratification, flipflops, super sad true love story, laughing hysterically, driving to nowhere, seeing good friends, roast ham, herman hesse, l’occitane, concrete screws, attics, the vandals, strawberry and watermelon blow-pops, my sharona, cocktail rings, peace and quiet, loud music, cream soda, baby oil, personal trainers, chiropractors, wild rice, acrylic paints, situation comedies, toe rings, tiger balm, tabbouleh, sandlewood, fresh bagels with salmon cream cheese, caffeine-laden beverages, my old car stereo, doctor bronner’s castile soaps, humble pie, the nutcracker suite, john lee hooker ah-haw-haw-haw-haww, nag champa, wit, gumption, cajun boiled shrimp without the heads, ketchup on my eggs, miss clairol, the family guy, new orleans, my old grocery store in georgia, chai tea lattes, paid days off work, milkyway candy bars, santa fe saloon, rentz soul food kitchen, fresh grapefruit sections, grapenuts, staying up late, maid service, health food stores, potted meat, bigass tv’s, baseball caps, a good burp, galvanized steel washtubs, snap on and craftsman stuff respectively, tiaras, tinted windows, high ceilings, fancy hotels, cauliflower, vanilla pipe-tobacco cigarettes, luxury body lotions, fear and loathing on the campaign trail 1972, super-duper buttered popcorn, djarum bali hai’s, tea tree oil, dental floss picks, peanut butter mayonnaise and banana sandwiches, butane lighters, king rat, liquid gold, pretentious foods, leather briefcases, key limes, the chronicles of narnia, rc cola and slim jims, bike week, bdu’s and p-38’s, cadbury creme eggs, the dune books, unintentional alliteration, steamer trunks, wasabi peas, the scenic route, sctv, bandannas, louisiana hot sauce, lizards, really good lip gloss, frasier, q-tips, manual transmissions, peel-off masks, kevin spacey, 12 monkeys, turnip greens and cornbread, rifle ranges, cinnamon, foo fighters, padded envelopes, hammocks, irish sausage, chewable vitamins, roget’s thesaurus, dvrs, helicoptors, croissants, funkadelic’s maggot brain album cover, head shops, long baths, hazelnut coffee and krispy kremes, electric percolators, skulls and bones and skeletons, my kindle, sparklies, warm pyjamas, double entendres, ellipses…

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