tom’s book launch (he thought it never would)

[updated] here are a couple of pics i took at tom honey’s “Jugglers of Light” book launch. this is my third published book cover design – it’s a simple one but that’s how he wanted it, and it’s a bit of a play on the title what with the gradient an’ all. those are my nephews in the picture on the cover – they represent tom and his brother when they were wee boys with mirrors, redirecting the sunlight… hence the jugglers of light.

the author

third bookcover

i like this one alright – i’ll try to find the pictures of my other two book covers. the first one is alot more detailed, and it’s my favourite of the three.

2 thoughts on “tom’s book launch (he thought it never would)

  1. would like to by 3 copies of Jugglers of Light.I do believe my late father taught Tom Honey.

  2. hi roisin! i’ve passed your information along to my mother-in-law so that she could contact tom (so that he may contact you). i don’t have his email address but i’ll make sure the message is forwarded to him, regardless.

    i’m sure that he’ll be thrilled 🙂
    thank you for the comment.
    all the best!

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