walking the walk

i’ve been walking lately and enjoying it. i’m not allowed to run (doctor’s orders, so HAH) and it’s just as well because i don’t LIKE running, so i walk. i walked just over 70 miles in october. if you do the math then it’s not really impressive BUT it’s about 65 miles more than i [probably] would have walked if i wasn’t doing it intentionally. i’m aiming for at least 90 miles this month and so far so good. it’s day two and i’m 8.8 miles in.

the views here in north belfast are good. when i’m out walking, i have cave hill on one side and belfast harbour.. lough… (whatever) on the other. at one point on my walk, i have a pretty little view of belfast castle and at another point, i can often see scotland. if i walk far enough, i get to zoo property and there’s always the chance of seeing the twistalopes.

here are some photos from my walk(s). you can click on them to see a larger version

i took this one the other day. if you look across the water at the horizon, you can see scotland:


…and i took these today. this is cave hill:


and this is the road i walk on:


there are a couple of other pictures on my flickr if you want to have a look – i may upload some more later.

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