who the hell do i think i am?


randomly, and without getting too personal…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i am the product of a hippie and a US Marine

i’m a tomboy with a penchant for luxury

sometimes i don’t brush my hair

i’m a citizen of two countries

i’m eligible for citizenship to a third country

my hobbies include firearms, knives, and nail polish

i don’t drink often but when i do, it’s usually a moscow mule

my hearing loss is most likely genetic but i blame rock-n-roll

i thoroughly douse my scrambled eggs with hot sauce

i’d rather take pictures of creatures than people

i can probably fix your car and your hot tub

i hold a legal and legitimate Lady title

i’m also an ordained minister

i really like cupcakes

i should have been a scientist

i’ll do most anything to NOT throw up

i grew up running barefoot through the woods

i don’t go swimming in the ocean, because sharks

i cannot be trusted around any cured meats or cheeses


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