sometimes people want to send me money. usually it’s my parents or even my friends, but sometimes it’s a complete stranger who feels badly for me because my uggs have holes in them, or because i need a haircut, or who wants to donate towards the purchase of something on my US wishlist. if you should happen to feel the need to send me money, for whatever reason, please feel free to use one of the options below, and i will receive it in whichever account you choose.

Paypal – Click here to donate via PayPalthis will take you to my unique and secure paypal page where you can send the amount of your choice, without fear. a paypal account is handy, but it isn’t required. you can still send money securely with your bank account or with a credit/debit card (just enter the amount in the field given, and then click “continue” at the bottom left under “don’t have a paypal account?).

CashApp – $heyheyroxy

thanks bunches! i appreciate it.

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