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colorado – april 2014

so, wayyyy back in april, i flew out to colorado to meet up with three of my besties for a girlie weekend in the mountains. it was SO MUCH fun, and i hope that i can get back out there in the future because i fell head-over-heels in love with the rockies. the scenery was amazing and the company was even better. as a bonus, i got to see my favourite first cousin.

here are some photos of the trip. it was truly breathtaking:

redrocksviewdenver skyline in the distance
view from red rocks

redrocksthree3 out of 4 girlies at red rocks
(the other had to go do secret stuff)

mountain2on the way to the rental

mountain1on the way to the rental

suppliesstopping for supplies on the way to the rental

snowbootsi brought my awesome mountain boots
(because snow)

pooltableviewview from the pool table  at the rental

tubinggone tubing

ooh and i almost forgot, i’ve also got a couple of photos from colorado on instagram.

this one…. and this one

i’m already looking forward to the next one :)

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i really like these tie dye skinny jeans

i found a picture of these tie dyed jeans online but it didn’t list the make or model, and i’ve lost the link to the page on which i saw them. BOO! they were in a collection of other high-end clothing and accessories and i think they’re kind of funky and awesome. i like the busy-as-shit pattern, i like the symmetry, and i really like the added detail of the motorcycle-style knee panels, even though you have to look pretty hard to see them. i could totally get away with wearing these, IF I ONLY KNEW WHO MAKES THEM.



i’ve found some that are similar, and they’re good, they’re just not AS good.

Tie-dye low-rise skinny jeans by CURRENT/ELLIOTT




Joe’s Jeans Tie Dye Skinny Jeans


if i HAD to choose from these three identifiable and available ones, i’d probably have a go at that last pair there – the Joe’s Jeans ones – even though i’m not positive my husband would be seen with me in them… or the ones this post is about, but hey, you know, whatever. my tastes border (and often cross) a special kind of tacky but i’m completely comfortable with that.

i don’t suppose anyone can help me out here? can anyone tell me who it is that manufactures the first pair?

don’t worry if you can’t. i’m not holding my breath…


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samantha loves me

i have awesome friends. seriously, i do. i might even have more than my quota – and i don’t mean acquaintances, i mean actual friends who love me, and who understand me, and who accept me for who i am, and who may or may not have seen me naked at some point in the past. samantha is one of those friends.

sam likes to make pretty things, and because she can, she does. she could sell her creations but she doesn’t. she makes them out of love and gives them away with the intention of bringing a smile to the recipient’s face. for many, many years now, i have received a high-quality, handmade valentine and a high-quality, handmade christmas card from her and  i’ve kept every one of them… because they are special to me… because she is special to me.

this is the one she sent me for christmas 2013:



i can’t tell you  humbling it is to have someone think of me so often, and sweetly, and selflessly because frankly, i’m kind of a twat. i’m a horrible friend and i’m hugely self-involved and i’m surprised that anyone chooses to be friends with me at all, much less send me pretty cards. (i jest. i’m not *that* horrible, but i’m certainly not the best either. i’m kind of a fucked up mess, really, but don’t tell anyone.).

now, to be absolutely clear, samantha isn’t all sweetness and light – she’s got a dark and deliciously evil side too… which is one of the things that i absolutely ADORE about her, but that’s not what this post is about. this post is being written because she is an incredibly considerate and wonderful and genuine friend, and i love her lots.

here are pictures of the other cards that she’s sent me over the years. i suspect that i have another year or two’s worth of cards at my apartment in florida, but what i have at this moment represents seven years of her creativity and thoughtfulness (photos after the cut)…


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the world’s greatest watches

citizen eco-drive watches are awesome. they’re powered by natural and/or artificial light which means you never have to replace another watch battery, and unless you stick it in a drawer for more than 6 months, it’ll never stop – and even if you DO stick it in a drawer for more than 6 months and it stops, a couple of minutes under a light source will start it up again, with a full charge taking about 8 hours (but that can be done simply by wearing it). i’m a  total eco-drive convert.

this is the watch that i have


i’ve had it for a few years now and i love it, i truly do. it’s unassuming, it’s comfortable, it’s casual enough that it doesn’t look out of place with a pair of cutoffs and a tank top, but it’s classic enough to wear when i’m a little more dressed up… AND, and this one is a biggie for me (in addition to never having to replace another watch battery), it’s waterproof to 100 metres. i can jump in the river without worrying about fecking it up! i wear it every day. if i had one complaint, it would be that the date window is too small for me to read but frankly, i couldn’t care less about that, so i’m not complaining – i’m just sayin’ – and anyway i have other ways of finding out the date if i REALLY need to know it, which isn’t often. so yeah, i absolutely love my watch.

…and then i saw this one (OMG!), and my heart nearly leapt out of my chest (not really, i’m just trying to make a point). it’s gorgeous and i want it. it’s larger and fancier than the one i have, but it has the same great functions of my existing one PLUS the chrono features, and it’s all stainless and ceramic and diamonds… and i love it… and i want it.

JUST LOOK AT THIS THING! isn’t it beautiful?
(i want it)

Citizen Eco-Drive Ceramic Diamond Chronograph

i kinda feel like i should say, at this point, that i am NOT a spoiled little princess. i’m really not (i swear i’m not, not really), but i do act like it sometimes…  but see, i said in a previous post about how i decided some time ago that i don’t need a lot of stuff, but i want the stuff i have to be quality. i’m a function-THEN-form kind of gal, and this watch has both. it’s not just sparkly, it actually does stuff.

it’s a bit pricey at £299 here in the UK, but it’s slightly cheaper (with the current rate of exchange) here, on amazon – please note that the pictures on amazon don’t do it justice. the picture above, from the citizen website, is far more accurate.

soooo… i have a birthday coming up in a few months from now. it’s in july. yaknow, in case anyone was wondering.

subtly yours,


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