2021 spring garden (pt 2)

hiya. you can use the little drop down menu to select “2021 spring garden (pt1)” if you want to see it. or any of the other posts that are on there. but only if you want. no pressure. so i decided i WOULD do a part 2 (this one, obvs) and these are still spring…Read more

2021 spring garden (pt 1)

hey. we all know what’s been going on in the world and how bad it’s sucking, so here are some heavily edited pictures of flowers that are currently in our garden here in northern ireland. i took these pics today (friday, 7 may, 2021). i think it felt like doing this might be a little…Read more

where i’m from (pt. 2)

(this is an ongoing exercise. pt. 1 is here) i am from the electric company …on sesame street …in┬ámister rogers’ neighborhood …on the big blue marble heyyyyy. youuuuu. guyyyys. i am from the bookshelf in my childhood home i am from nat geo, omni, and mister frank herbert from the modern english version, time life,…Read more

hank and roxy go to italy

first of all, happy new year, and also, hello. i’ve been locked out of my website for over 8 months and yesterday i decided to sort it. my site kept telling me that my password was wrong AND it wouldn’t send me the requested email to reset it. long story short, i geeked my way…Read more