hank and roxy go to italy

first of all, happy new year, and also, hello. i’ve been locked out of my website for over 8 months and yesterday i decided to sort it. my site kept telling me that my password was wrong AND it wouldn’t send me the requested email to reset it. long story short, i geeked my way…Read more

hagen’s cove and keaton beach

when i was home last, my mom and i went to the gulf coast of FL one day and enjoyed ourselves. here are some pics from that day. these first four are from hagen’s cove this next lot is from keaton beach, just a few miles away from hagen’s cove. our feathered friend (below) hopped…Read more

dundrum castle

On the same day that Hank and I went to Tollymore Forest Park (you can read/ see all the pics from that post here), we stopped by a Norman Castle that I happened to see up on a hill. It turns out it was Dundrum Castle. I knew that it sounded familiar to me, but…Read more

tollymore forest park

The other day, hubs took me to Tollymore Forest Park. It’s 1600 acres of fantastic [mostly] wilderness located at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in County Down, Northern Ireland, about an hour away from Belfast. When we were almost there, I noticed  a wooded hill about a mile off the main road with something…Read more