hank and roxy go to italy

first of all, happy new year, and also, hello. i’ve been locked out of my website for over 8 months and yesterday i decided to sort it. my site kept telling me that my password was wrong AND it wouldn’t send me the requested email to reset it. long story short, i geeked my way into it and so now here i am!

hank and i went to italy a couple of months ago. we left on 29 august and got back on 7 september. that was three and a half days in rome, 48 hours in naples, and another three and a half days in florence. it was spectacular! i’ve always loved the ancient romans, but the closest i had ever been [previously] was england.

here’s me on the day we got there . i’m thrilled and a little overwhelmed. i almost cried in the car on the way into rome from the airport when i saw the first ruins – we drove through the arch of one of the old aqueducts and it was almost more than i could handle – but this is just some roman cobbled street on the first day.
up the spanish steps
just me and my pal Anubis. no biggie.
at the Colosseum
another at the Colosseum
florence on the night we got there, ahhh…
one of the Davids in Florence. i think there are three.
a grotto at the entrance to Boboli Gardens in Florence
a modern sculpture in Boboli Gardens in Florence
my hunny and me

there were a lot more pictures but this is the condensed (and edited AF, lol) version.

rome was fantastic and everything i had hoped it would be. our airbnb had a section of 2000 year old roman wall running through it, we were right around the corner from the pantheon, everything we went to, including vatican city and the colosseum, was within reasonable walking distance, and it was just amazing… but i wouldn’t want to live there.

naples sucked. we rented a car for the 48 hours we were there (i drove) and it was a Horrible Place Full of Bastards. i don’t care if i never go to naples again. fortunately we pretty much just slept there. the day we got in, i drove us to pompeii, and the following day we drove down to sorrento (which was lovely and smelled nice), but naples suuuuuucked.

florence was the best of the three. i could EASILY live there, and omg the pistachio croissants wowowow.

so thanks for coming by. it’s been a long time, but i think this is me back to my blog.

check ya later.

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