the first time i killed a man

i remember it vividly. there was a cop-killer on the loose and dad and i were in the back yard. i looked over at the east side of the property and saw a large man had scaled the 8′ security fence and jumped down inside the perimeter. “DAD! There he is! Shoot him!” my dad…Read moreRead more

where i’m from (pt. 2)

(this is an ongoing exercise. pt. 1 is here) i am from the electric company …on sesame street …in mister rogers’ neighborhood …on the big blue marble heyyyyy. youuuuu. guyyyys. i am from the bookshelf in my childhood home i am from nat geo, omni, and mister frank herbert from the modern english version, time life,…Read moreRead more

hank and roxy go to italy

first of all, happy new year, and also, hello. i’ve been locked out of my website for over 8 months and yesterday i decided to sort it. my site kept telling me that my password was wrong AND it wouldn’t send me the requested email to reset it. long story short, i geeked my way…Read moreRead more

QI theme challenge

samson and goliath cranes in belfast

one of my photos is on the QI website – it’s the second one of only seven photos and it’s not being pulled in by code, it’s actually on the QI server… which means it was specifically selected by someone for some reason. i submitted it to the QI flickr group for consideration for a…Read moreRead more

someone got a giant neck tattoo!

it’s me 🙂 i keep getting asked about the symbolism: it’s a multi-faceted juxtaposition of destiny/transformation and innocence/purity, with a subtle nod to euclidean geometry (and the classic video game Qbert). …JUST KIDDING! it’s a bird and some flowers n’stuff. thanks Zach @ Wunderland Custom Tattoo in Gainesville, FL.

i called bullshit

i don’t usually get involved with political nonsense on facebook, but a post showed up in my feed due to one of my FB friends having been tagged in it, and i made the huge mistake of looking at the link and then felt the need to comment, because it was an incredibly stupid and…Read moreRead more

st. patrick’s day with my mum-in-law

greetings from northern ireland, and happy st. patrick’s day! my mum-in-law loves to go to antique fairs and there happened to be one in templepatrick today. i have recently obtained my provisional (restricted) UK driving license so i drove her to the templepatrick hilton and we walked around and looked at stuff, had carrot cake…Read moreRead more

you too can be pseudopretentious

Here are just a few ways. How to Recognise the Artist of Paintings: How to Pronounce the Hardest Names in Fashion: A List of 33 Ways to be Pretentious This list includes such gems as: #13 – Refer to all raw vegetables as crudités #14 – Refer to classical music albums as RECORDINGS” #24 –…Read moreRead more

a snake, a squirrel, and a mole

here are three videos i’ve taken of some of my friends. the first and third are at home in florida, the second is at home in northern ireland. 1) i relocated this one to a safer and less populated corner of our wee one acre florida property (i posted this video on my site previously, so…Read moreRead more

the three things thingy

i got tagged with this on facebook. normally that wouldn’t matter but it was mandy who tagged me so, yaknow, whatever. also, i may have altered the questions to better suit me. Three things: Three names I go by have been called 1. Missy (don’t call me Missy) 2. Roxy 3. Sybil my fam called me missy when…Read moreRead more

leather wishlist #3

most of the things i put on these lists are put on with absolutely no expectations. i have been EXTREMELY fortunate to have actually received some of the things from my previous leather wishlists and subsequently, i kind of feel like a spoiled, spoiled princess… which is funny because “princess” is usually the last thing people think…Read moreRead more


kind of an 80’s throwback but whatever. my ass looks great in these jeans, and no i’ll not be showing you my ass. …and i frickin’ LOVE my green and yellow suede cons.

some of my favourite book quotes

…in image form. i’m an avid reader and have lots of favourite quotes – these are just a few. if you want to see a few more (or if you’re just nosy, which is fine), you can have a look at my kindle page. i’ve got a few things bookmarked there. what are some of…Read moreRead more

my biannual pilgrimage home

i went home to FL in october to see my parents. i go twice a year (hence “biannual” in the title of this post. meow.) and this year my visits were planned around my mom’s two hand surgeries. she had thumb joint replacements in both – her left hand was done in april and her…Read moreRead more

not cool, bro

no shit, sherlock

this is quite possibly the most unhelpful customer service reply that i have ever received. to be fair, someone at amazon UK sorted me out the following day to my complete satisfaction, but the person who initially replied either IS an idiot, or thinks I’M an idiot. sheesh…   @sweetghoti I’m sorry it hasn’t arrived. If…Read moreRead more

hagen’s cove and keaton beach

when i was home last, my mom and i went to the gulf coast of FL one day and enjoyed ourselves. here are some pics from that day. these first four are from hagen’s cove this next lot is from keaton beach, just a few miles away from hagen’s cove. our feathered friend (below) hopped…Read moreRead more

leather wish list #2

in case you couldn’t tell by the title, this is another wish list, and it’s all about the leather (here’s my last one). i’ve been fortunate in that i have quite a few pieces of REALLY good stuff, but that doesn’t mean i’ve stopped looking. i’m pretty sure i’ve featured this on my site before,…Read moreRead more

garden flowers (pt 4)

yet another garden flower post. it’s been a little while since i’ve posted, but i’ve been a very busy B… err, bee. it’s starting to get a bit cooler here. i’m surprised really, because it’s usually frickin’ freezing by now but hey! i’m not complaining. the flowers aren’t blooming as abundantly as they do over…Read moreRead more

garden flowers (pt 3)

this is the third installment of my garden flowers posts. i pretty much have an unending supply of photos I’ve already taken, not to mention the ones I have yet to take. here are my previous garden flower posts: garden flowers (pt 1) garden flowers (pt 2) there are flowers blooming in this garden year…Read moreRead more

avocado and hummus quesadillas

mmm… i love food. like, i really love really good food (as evidenced here and here). by “good food”, i mean fresh foods, and/or exotic foods, and/or unique combinations. i’ve been accused of being willing to put just about anything in my mouth. this is not true, but i AM a tad adventurous – at least…Read moreRead more


this story may or may not contain a bunch of long-ass sentences and different tenses. i’m writing it down as i would tell it aloud (as i do). so i went into the house today after doing a bit of gardening and was mildly startled to find approximately 75 pounds worth of a wet akita dog very curiously sniffing…Read moreRead more

garden flowers (pt 2)

So this is how I’ve started depositing my flower photos – here, on my site, fourteen at a time.  You can see garden flowers (pt 1) here, if you care to have a look. So far these are just flowers from the garden here in Belfast, but I’ll specify the location in each post because…Read moreRead more

garden flowers (pt 1)

I take a lot of photos of the flowers in the garden here in Belfast – and there are a LOT of flowers  – but I don’t really do anything with the pics once I’ve snapped them. They usually just end up taking up space on my various hard drives or in the cloud. I’ve been…Read moreRead more