the second time i killed a man

you can read about the first time i killed a man here, and there’s a bonus paragraph at the end of that about how i aided and abetted someone else who had killed someone [else]. these are all dreams i have had, btw. at this time, i haven’t actually killed anyone irl.

so the second time i killed a man…

oh right, TW – it’s way more graphic than the first time.

it wasn’t very long ago that i was with a handful of my friends and we were at a dilapidated warehouse with some broken down… umm… industrial workings. think broken down silos and containers and rails to move heavy loads overground from point a to b to c and like, maybe 3 other points. a setting, or background, that you might expect to see at a train yard, or at a working farm where product (grain etc) would be loaded onto transport. so, all of that, but with what basically amounts to a broken down roller coaster running through everything else. it was about an acre of industrial maze, plus about 25′ of warehouse and above ground rails. are you with me? the description was important.  key words: machine shop, steel mill, abandoned warehouse, dead furnaces, grunge,  post-apocalyptic-y


some fucker was trying to kill some of my friends and me. we were basically having to hide in various places to avoid the bad guy, but a couple of my friends ended up getting shot (but not fatally), and to make a really really REALLY long story short, i ended up running the equivalent of an obstacle course trying to avoid the bad guy, saw an opportunity to double back on him, wrestled him to the ground and took his pistol, pointed it at his head and…


it was empty.

there were no live rounds.

so i flipped it around and beat him in the head with the butt of it until his head caved in. “pulpy” would be an accurate description of [the state of] what was left when i got done.

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