2021 spring garden (pt 2)

hiya. you can use the little drop down menu to select “2021 spring garden (pt1)” if you want to see it. or any of the other posts that are on there. but only if you want. no pressure.

so i decided i WOULD do a part 2 (this one, obvs) and these are still spring garden images, but also our giant floofs. the one who looks evil and has glowy eyes is called Bucket. he’s actually super sweet and is currently cuddling with hubs on the couch, purring very loudly. Bucket loves us.  the grumpy looking ginger emo-floof is Cheeseburger. he has manners, so he’ll let us pet him and pick him up, but he’s not overly friendly and he’ll remove himself at his soonest opportunity. Cheeseburger only loves my mum in law.

anyway, here are some grungy, prickly, sparkly, fractured, etc pics of plants, birds, cats, slugs, snails, whatever, that i snapped with my phone and then edited the absolute shit out of.

that’s it for now.
thanks for stopping by.
maybe i’ll see you again sometime.

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