scaramanga leather – straight outta scotland

i’ve got a thing about leather, as you can see here – i like the durability, i like the way it wears, i like the way it looks – and i LOVE the saddleback leather company (i have their medium chestnut briefcase which i will keep for the rest of my life), but look what else i’ve found!! yep! another brilliant leather company. scaramanga – straight outta scotland.

small vintage leather travel holdall bag from scaramanga

small vintage leather travel holdall bag [source – scaramanga website]

scaramanga leather messenger bag [source scaramanga website]

leather messenger bag [source – scaramanga website]

i’m partial to the distressed leather look, but scaramanga also have the classic leather satchels, in lots of pretty colours!

classic leather satchels from scaramanga

classic leather satchels [source scaramanga website]

i’m really liking what i’m seeing on their website. scaramanga leather have lots more satchels, messengers, and travel bags, but they also have leather accessories, like this wallet, which i want very much!

Brown Leather Purse 4 - Scaramanga Leather Satchels & Messenger Bags. Old Wooden Chests and Trunks

leather purse 4 [source – scaramanga website]

they haven’t limited their stock to bags. they have other accessories as well – keyrings, pencil cases, washbags, tablet cases, travel wallets, bracelets, luggage tags… and they have a journal section, too – leather-bound journals, recycled silk sari covered journals, photo albums… this list goes on and on.

and just when you think you’re nearing the end of their catalog, your’re not – not even close. scaramanga leather shop also upcycles and refurbishes old furniture. there’s vintage furniture, wooden chests and trunks, home accents such as lighting, bowls, mirrors, and statues.

old wooden chest with padlocks from scaramanga

old wooden chest with padlocks [source scaramanga website]

antique wooden marwari horse heads

antique wooden marwari horse heads [source – scaramanga website]

antique brass padlocks from scaramanga

antique brass padlocks [source – scaramanga website]

i could EASILY drop a few grand at this shop. i’ve put a lot here, but you’ll really have to go to their website and just click around to get an actual feel for all of the retro, vintage, and leather goods that they have. i’ve literally spent hours on their website, drooling over everything.

look at these woolly blankets. aren’t they kind of awesome??

woolly blankets from scaramanga

woolly blankets [source – scaramanga website]

and i absolutely LOVE the hand-stitched, cotton bed covers. i want one. i’m not kidding. i’m going to have one of these.

had-stitched cotton bedcovers at scaramanga

hand-stitched cotton bedcovers [source – scaramanga website]

scotland isn’t that far away from me, and in fact i can almost see it from my back yard BUT it’s on a whole other island.

fortunately, they sell online.

scaramanga, you’ll be hearing from me soon.

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