i disagree

SOMEONE who shall [not] remain nameless *coughcoughmandycough* thinks it’s funny that i was in my 20’s before i realised that i’d been spelling “vacuum” wrong, and it still comes up every once in a while… but see, i don’t care. i’ve decided that i don’t accept THAT spelling with THAT pronunciation. it’s either one or the other, folks.

THEREFORE, i’ve decided that, instead of spelling it the way i think it should be spelled (as i did for 20 years), i’m going to now start pronouncing it as i think it should be pronounced, based on the spelling, i.e. “vacuum” = “vac-you-um”, as in continuum. i feel very strongly that my logic is sound and i’ve no interest in debating it, frankly.


also, while i’m being an asshole on my highhorse about stuff:

“spelled” is spelled “spelled”, not “spelt”. unless you’re british or australian, or discussing a variety of wheat.

and it’s “cancelled”, not “canceled”.

and it’s spelled “jewellery” in my world, the correct world, not “jewelry”.

the thing you pull out of your dresser is a “drawer”, not a “draw”.

it’s betty BOOP, not betty boo.


…and then there are things that just completely do my head in:

pseudopretentious on twitter

i could go on, but i’m not gonna.


actually i’m just kidding. i don’t even give a shit anymore about spelling, really – except about the voilà thing and for the record, even “voila” is ok with me, just not those other horseshit spellings – and because i grew up speaking one english language and now i work in a completely different english language, i’m not sure i spell (or conjugate) anything correctly anymore  – am i meant to use a Z or an S? is there a random U in that word? did we eat or did we et? where the hell am i?

having said all of that, i am originally from rural, agricultural, north central florida and i will always say ya’ll, so bite me.

14 thoughts on “i disagree

  1. that’s excellent, Jason. i remember not being allowed to use it in school even though it has always been my preference, but “this, that and the other thing” always felt wrong. it was as if “that and the other thing” were technically one thing. it never made proper sense to me.

  2. y’all is correctly spelt minus the comma, don’t yall know that? All yall you’ns should remind we’uns about that, ya hear now?

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