hagen’s cove and keaton beach

when i was home last, my mom and i went to the gulf coast of FL one day and enjoyed ourselves. here are some pics from that day.

these first four are from hagen’s cove

palm tree at hagen's cove tidal pool at hagen's cove
palm trees at hagen's cove

pine trees leaving hagen's cove

this next lot is from keaton beach, just a few miles away from hagen’s cove. our feathered friend (below) hopped around after us for a wee while thinking we might have some fishies for it, but we did not. there WAS a fellow on the dock (from high springs, of all places) who had been feeding it bait fish, so the misunderstanding was understandable.

dock at keaton beach

keaton beach florida

heron at keaton beach florida

heron on the rocks at keaton beach florida
heron at keaton beach florida rocks at keaton beach florida

and i just found this amusing, is all. it takes so little, really.

wormy and my converse at keaton beach

i’ve got a small handful of other photos that i’ll be posting soon, with a little more detail about my trip, but this will have to do for now.

thanks for stopping by!

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