a gentle introduction to punk rock (and a hint of ska)

don’t be scared – punk rock is probably not what you might think it is. there are quite a few sub-genres but it’s not all mainstream rejection and anti-establishmentarianism (is that a word?). for instance, me first and the gimme gimmes  are mainly a cover band. they do covers of songs that you almost certainly already know, they just punk them up a bit. yes, they’re faster than the originals… and occasionally some lyrics are changed… but the integrity of the originals is still there. open your minds and have a listen, will ya? you might like it, you might not, but “the more you know”, etc.

first up, “jolene”.


and then there’s “mandy”


and how about “wild world”?


and of course, “blowin’ in the wind”


and as a bonus, here are two covers from reel big fish (although they’re actually considered less punk and more ska what with all the horns/brass) “take on me”


and finally, “brown eyed girl”


see, that’s not “the devil’s music”, now is it?? no. no it is not. relax. enjoy life.

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