kayaking on the suwannee with my ma

my mom and i went kayaking on the suwannee on wednesday – back to coral island (my video from last year). 100 years ago (or so), the suwannee river was dredged to allow the steamboats to pass through unhindered. this dredging ended up going through an ancient (28 million years old-ish, give or take a million) coral bed and piled it all up at the side of the river, just shy of the banks. it’s almost always underwater except for when the river is low…. like now.

click the pics for larger versions.


back towards the boatramp & bridge

mine my ma sitting underneath an ancient  ocean bed.


i’m no expert and neither is my ma, but we’re pretty confident that the log above and the log below are native american cut, and probably very old. they’re also on the banks now, which means we can take them if we have the means (if they’re floating or underwater, you have to pay $5500 for a permit).


these logs were approximately 1.5′ – 2′ in diameter


the alligator looks smaller in this picture because of the perspective.
that’s my ma in the kayak 🙂


maybe 5′ long


he welcomes little fishes in, with gently smiling jaws…


when we got back to the boat ramp, we met a group of guys waiting for their friend with the truck to pick them up. this is their shitload of bigmouth bass, redbellies, and bluegills. they gave us one of the bass and a bluegill 🙂


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