once upon a time on strangford lough

i was invited out on a sailboat once.
we were in a regatta.
i was ballast (i’m EXCELLENT at that).
we came in third.
we celebrated with Côtes du Rhône and sammiches,
but i’m pretty sure we would have had them anyway.

i *heart* captain frankie.
he let me drive, after the race, one-handed.
(my other hand was full, as you can see)

i had to stand on my tiptoes because i’m short and couldn’t see over the… err…  sailboat… thingy.

i know i said “i was invited out on a sailboat once”, but this was actually my second time on a sailboat. the first time i was on a sailboat, it was a completely different sailboat in a completely different country, but it was also during a regatta. i was ballast that time too (i TOLD you i’m excellent at that), and we came in first.

i was gonna say, “sailors get lucky when i’m around” but then i thought better.

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