where i’m from (pt. 1)

(this is an ongoing exercise and not an attempt at poetry. also, any rhyming is unintentional xx)


i am from oak trees and moss and dirt roads.
from the smell of rain and hurricanes.
from azaleas and watermelon and freshwater springs.

i’m from tin cans and fences, bare feet and cutoffs.
from pine forests and palmettos and old pick-up trucks.
i am from my grandma who loves me the most.

i am from clay and limestone and sinkholes,
from woodstoves and porches and tire swings.
from spiderwebs and sandspurs and starry, starry nights.

i am from all of these things.

19 thoughts on “where i’m from (pt. 1)

  1. DUDE i stepped on TWO of them tonight at two different times. someone tracked them in and onto the rug, and one of them totally barbed me and didn’t wanna let go. boo.

  2. lol thanks. i know i’ve posted it before but i like it and i’m trying to inspire myself to do some more things like this πŸ™‚

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