samantha loves me

i have awesome friends. seriously, i do. i might even have more than my quota – and i don’t mean acquaintances, i mean actual friends who love me, and who understand me, and who accept me for who i am, and who may or may not have seen me naked at some point in the past. samantha is one of those friends.

sam likes to make pretty things, and because she can, she does. she could sell her creations but she doesn’t. she makes them out of love and gives them away with the intention of bringing a smile to the recipient’s face. for many, many years now, i have received a high-quality, handmade valentine and a high-quality, handmade christmas card from her and  i’ve kept every one of them… because they are special to me… because she is special to me.

this is the one she sent me for christmas 2013:



i can’t tell you  humbling it is to have someone think of me so often, and sweetly, and selflessly because frankly, i’m kind of a twat. i’m a horrible friend and i’m hugely self-involved and i’m surprised that anyone chooses to be friends with me at all, much less send me pretty cards. (i jest. i’m not *that* horrible, but i’m certainly not the best either. i’m kind of a fucked up mess, really, but don’t tell anyone.).

now, to be absolutely clear, samantha isn’t all sweetness and light – she’s got a dark and deliciously evil side too… which is one of the things that i absolutely ADORE about her, but that’s not what this post is about. this post is being written because she is an incredibly considerate and wonderful and genuine friend, and i love her lots.

here are pictures of the other cards that she’s sent me over the years. i suspect that i have another year or two’s worth of cards at my apartment in florida, but what i have at this moment represents seven years of her creativity and thoughtfulness (photos after the cut)…
























and in 2013, i got a bonus halloween card 🙂



i think they’re beautiful, and i appreciate the time and effort she put into making them, and sending them.

thank you, samantha!

7 thoughts on “samantha loves me

  1. Awww sweetheart *beaming*

    Should have another to add to your collection by the end of the week too :).

    Not that I know who sent that obviously xxxx

  2. So you’ve been getting these all these years and haven’t figured out how to make them yourself to send to your other, less crafty talented friends? God, you are a twat.


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