a snake, a squirrel, and a mole

here are three videos i’ve taken of some of my friends. the first and third are at home in florida, the second is at home in northern ireland.

1) i relocated this one to a safer and less populated corner of our wee one acre florida property (i posted this video on my site previously, so technically this is a repost but so what?) isn’t it GORGEOUS??

2) this pretty girl used to climb up the drainpipe at the side of the house to the upstairs living room window ledge to let me know she was available just in case i had any nuts lying around *ahem*, and i almost always did. i would then meet her on the front porch and we’d spend some time together – me giving her hazelnuts and peanuts one at a time, and her running off and burying them and then coming back for more. also, i call her a “good boy” (etc) in the video, but she’s a girl.

3) i saved this little fuzzy from the pile of fill dirt from which we were actively shovelling (shovels and moles don’t mix!) and i didn’t even mind that s/he pooped on me – if a giant hand had me, i would probably poop too. immediately after i took this video, i relocated it to a safer spot on the same property.

so, i promise that no creatures were harmed in the making of these videos – everything was handled very gently. i have quite the soft spot for wildlife, see? i don’t even mind spiders – you know, the ones that build a web and then stay there. having said that, i will squish the absolute shit out of the ones which glare at me as they run across the wall at 45 mph… if i can catch them, that is. 

oh, and cockroaches. i will squish the shit out of cockroaches, too… nasty little bastards.

i’m pretty much fine with everything else.

can you tell i grew up in the country?


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