the three things thingy

i got tagged with this on facebook. normally that wouldn’t matter but it was mandy who tagged me so, yaknow, whatever. also, i may have altered the questions to better suit me.


Three things:

Three names I go by have been called
1. Missy (don’t call me Missy)
2. Roxy
3. Sybil

my fam called me missy when i was a little girl – it pretty much stopped when i got out of high school but my ma still calls me it every once in a while. roxy and sybil are both self-chosen nom de guerre(s) for former places of employment. roxy is the name i used for customer purposes at one place (my colleagues knew my real name) and sybil is the name i used in general at another place (the only person who knew my real name there was the guy who wrote and signed my pay cheque)

Three places I’ve lived
1. Oxford, England, UK
2. Madison, Georgia, US
3. Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Oxford as an infant so it almost doesn’t count except that i was physically there. Madison around the turn of the century. Belfast for a while now.

Three places I have worked

Ummm yeah, this is no one’s business but mine and no, i was never a hooker.

Three things I love to watch
1. The night sky
2. Dave Grohl
3. eBay auctions if i’m selling or bidding

this one was really hard! (that’s what she said! HAH!)

Three places I have been
1. The darkest recesses of my own mind
2. To hell and back
3. Disney World


Three things I love to eat
1. Sushi/Sashimi
2. Avocado, hummus, and feta quesadillas
3. Dodgy chili dogs

I REALLY like gourmet-type foods, but i will pretty much eat a chili dog from out of a storm drain. The dodgier the better… and I’m totally not kidding.

Three people I think will respond

I have no expectations for this. no pressure, like.

Three favourite drinks (not water)
1. Spicy ginger Beer
2. Celestial Seasonings Fast Lane tea
3. Belvoir Fruit Farms Lime and Lemongrass Cordial

…and coffee. 

Three favourite activities:
1. Sightseeing things over 1000 years old
2. Lying on a tropical beach drinking fruity rum cocktails with little umbrellas in them
3. Reading (fantasy and sci fi, mostly – definitely all the pratchett and heinlein ones)

Three things I am looking forward to:
1. Italy
2. Summer
3. Molecular transportation

especially that last thing. i’m rapidly closing in on 50 times that i’ve flown across the atlantic in one direction or the other and it gets tedious after about 20.

that’s all for now. i have to do a christmas haul post soon. husband says i won christmas this year (i did, i totally did).

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