2015 garden flowers (pt 2)

So this is how I’ve started depositing my flower photos – here, on my site, fourteen at a time.  You can see garden flowers (pt 1) here, if you care to have a look. So far these are just flowers from the garden here in Belfast, but I’ll specify the location in each post because I’m not always in Belfast, and other places have plants and flowers too!

Right, right… enough with the jibber-jabber.

01_Anne_Bluegrad_Dirt 02_Sophia_Citrus_Smoke 03_Sara_Yellow_Clean 04_Sophia_Dreamscape_Thin 05_Antonio_Rain_Grunge 06_Alex_Rain_Hassel 07_Sophia_Morning_Scatter 08_Alex_Kryptonite_Pint 09_Satya_Ndgrad_Patia 10_Antonio_Vignette_Wispy 11_Hagrid_Burn_Cornered 12_Antonio_Kryptonite_Hassel 13_Alex_Bocea_Colortin 14_Anne_Local_Smoke

I still have so many more photos, so this won’t be the last batch. I’ll post another soon.

Hugs & Bunnies!

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