2015 garden flowers (pt 1)

I take a lot of photos of the flowers in the garden here in Belfast – and there are a LOT of flowers  – but I don’t really do anything with the pics once I’ve snapped them. They usually just end up taking up space on my various hard drives or in the cloud.

I’ve been futzing around with a couple of my photo editing apps and decided that I’m going to do a garden photo post every once in a while. I need to do something with these pics… so here are a few.

14_Rex_Blacktritn 13_Sara_Soft 12_Ramona_Sand 11_Anne_Blacknin 10_Satya_Pinstripe 09_Satya_Black 08_Anne_Line 07_Satya_Black 06_Hagrid_Whiteone 05_Anne_Perga 04_Satya_Thin 03_Hagrid_Dirt 02_Sophia_Twirl 01_Anne_Scatter

I think that’ll do for now.

Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “2015 garden flowers (pt 1)

  1. i dispensed with the technical aspects and embraced the simpler “ooh, pretty!” approach.

    i DO know the filters and frames i used for each, but that’s boring.

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