2015 garden flowers (pt 3)

this is the third installment of my garden flowers posts. i pretty much have an unending supply of photos I’ve already taken, not to mention the ones I have yet to take.

here are my previous garden flower posts:
garden flowers (pt 1)
garden flowers (pt 2)

there are flowers blooming in this garden year round. obviously there are more in the spring and summer, but even when we get snow, there are still flowers somewhere in the garden.

…and obviously i’m editing the crap out of these photos, but you get the picture (HAH! i’m hilarious. “get the picture…”)

113040_Dean_Rain_Blackfive 115025_Anne_Kryptonite_Cornered 133051_Hagrid_Princess_Cornered 133152_Anne_Princess_Grunge 133316_Antonio_Green_Colorfiv 143151_Sophia_Vignette_Wispy 160346_Dean_Bluegrad_Cornered 164034_Hagrid_Green_Blacksvn 181900_Satya_Blue_Pint 181928_Anne_Bubble_Perga 192231_Antonio_Green_Black 201627_Alex_Pen_Feather 212238_Anne_Pink_Fine 233236_Sophia_Vignette_Cornered

I’m POSITIVE that there will be another flower post. In the meantime, thanks for visiting 🙂

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