2015 garden flowers (pt 4)

yet another garden flower post. it’s been a little while since i’ve posted, but i’ve been a very busy B… err, bee.

it’s starting to get a bit cooler here. i’m surprised really, because it’s usually frickin’ freezing by now but hey! i’m not complaining. the flowers aren’t blooming as abundantly as they do over the spring and summer months, but they’re still around.

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here is the latest batch of flower photos. with the exception of the marching daffys, these have all been snapped in the last couple of months here in the garden where i live in belfast. the daffodils photo was taken earlier in the spring.

114924_Sophia_Bluegrad_Blackten 143757_Anne_Ndgrad_Smudgetv 143826_Jones_Bluegrad_Blacktwlv 181704_Sophia_Smoke 190149_Ivan_Soft_Smoke 193614_Antonio_Soft_Cornered 193656_Antonio_Burn_Cornered 195835_Satya_Bubble_Wispy 200411_Hagrid_Rain_Dirt 200451_Hagrid_Soft_Blacknin 200551_Hagrid_Kryptonite_Perga 200552_Josh_Bluegrad_Perga 200816_Antonio_Soft_Blacknin 241956_Anne_Dirt

the next garden flower post will be just roses, and then i might do one exclusively of my mom’s plants and flowers back home in florida, because i’m going to be there in a few weeks, for a few weeks 🙂

thanks for stopping by!

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  1. aren’t they, though??? i can only take credit for the photos and the editing – the bee was a stroke of luck. my mum in-law is responsible for how pretty they are. i’ll pass your comments along 🙂 <3

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