leather wish list #2

in case you couldn’t tell by the title, this is another wish list, and it’s all about the leather (here’s my last one). i’ve been fortunate in that i have quite a few pieces of REALLY good stuff, but that doesn’t mean i’ve stopped looking.

i’m pretty sure i’ve featured this on my site before, but i’m still after this Bloody Penny Hip and Holster bag from Jungle Tribe LA . it’s not actually a holster but it’s still funky AF. i could totally get away with wearing this… and anyway i have lots of other places i can put my pistol.


i’m also still lusting after these Sabrina 6G Lace Up boots (in bordeaux) by The Frye Company. I already have a pair of Veronica Back Zips (in antique cognac) and they’re f’king magnificent! my feelings would not be hurt by having a second pair of Frye boots.


speaking of shoes, i’ve discovered a company out in cali who have sneakily been around for 20 years but have managed to avoid my detection until now – BED STU OMG! (i added that OMG part, they’re just called Bed Stu). i’ve already sent them some business, although unfortunately it wasn’t my own. not yet anyway. one of my best friends in the entire world has already ordered these Bed Stu Glaye boots, but i also want a pair.  i love that expansion zip at the calf (for those of us who have actual leg muscles) and the red lug/leather sole is just icing on the frickin’ cake. they’re beautiful!


the Bed Stu company also sells bags and belts, and you really should check them out if only to ooh and ahh over their stuff. i’ve already looked at everything. EVERYTHING. i’m not even kidding… everything.

moving along, Saddleback Leather is one of my favourite leather companies. they’re incredibly focused on their customers AND they’re philanthropists (but that’s a whole other incredibly touching story). i have their Medium Classic Briefcase (in chestnut) and at this point, i’m about 3 years into my 100 year warranty (no shit!)… and next i want to add the Big Wallet to my collection. it’s practically a clutch and will hold all of my important things that i carry around with me around town, or while travelling. check it out:


finally, and simply, i’ve always loved a good pair of well-fitting leather jeans. these are the Elm Leather Trousers from allsaints.


that should do for now, but you know i’ll have a new list at some point.

bless my heart, i can’t help it.

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