leather wish list #1

i love leather. it’s so durable and rugged and classy and edgy and badass. since i was going on about Saddleback Leather in my post before this one, i’ve been in a leather frame of mind and i decided to continue with the whole leather theme and show you some of the items i’m currently lusting after.

like this:


Hunter Leather Flask from Aspinal of London

it’s a beautiful little 6oz  stainless steel flask with two wee stainless cups all wrapped up in a tidy leather cover. i LOVE this, and it would be the perfect mobile vessel with which to portion out that bottle of Bushmills 21 year old Single Malt that i have patiently waiting for me back at my apartment in florida. these flasks also come in black and croc, but i like the smooth cognac/espresso suede version the best. i just love the richness of the colour.

and then there’s this:


Salazar Leather Ombre Biker Jacket in Redwood from Muubaa

i like everything about this jacket, up to and including the black-to-dark-red ombre and the elongated sleeve zips (they go all the way to the upper arm). one of the more unique features of  Muubaa jackets, in general, is that they have little bendable wires throughout so you can customise the look and make it look a bit more rumpled, or broken-in. i’m not usually a fan of asymmetrical lines, but biker jackets are an exception… especially this biker jacket.

and because i don’t already have enough bags (seriously, i don’t), there’s this:bag

Campus Shopper in Burnt Red from The Frye Company
(but they’re cheaper on zappos right now)

i totally need another leather bag, and this one is perfect for carrying everything i need to carry around with me. i’ve had a [not so] secret love affair with The Frye Company for quite some time, but this bag is relatively new on that list.

these, however, i’ve been wanting for a while:


Veronica Back Zip Boots in Cognac from The Frye Company

i can’t even tell you how much i love these boots. these are the kind of boots one has FOREVER… which makes sense because The Frye Company have been making boots FOREVER (by US standards anyway)… and i guess maybe i have a thing for zippers? dunno, don’t care, i love these. i want them. (update march 2015 – I GOT THESE AND THEY ROCK!)

ahhhh…. leather.

5 thoughts on “leather wish list #1

  1. Is that Motorbike jacket functional or poser? Difficult to ascertain from the photo if the sleeves are rotated to aid reaching the handlebars. Lapels and collar appear to snap down, eh? Is the leather thickness rider or fashion weight? Reckon the wires could be adapted as a heating element? How high is up? Is yer fridge running? How come a Hoover has the dirt bag inside, but a Harley’s are outside? 😉

  2. it’s a motorcycle-STYLE, fashion-weight leather jacket. it’s not the best choice for actual riding, and the wires run along the seam lines and wouldn’t make good heating elements even if you could modify them… but it’s beautiful.

    …dirtbag on the outside. nyuk nyuk nyuk

    #hondachick4life 😀

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