July 2015


this story may or may not contain a bunch of long-ass sentences and different tenses. i’m writing it down as i would tell it aloud (as i do). so i went into the house today after doing a bit of gardening and was mildly startled to find approximately 75 pounds worth of a wet akita dog very curiously sniffing…Read more

2015 garden flowers (pt 2)

So this is how I’ve started depositing my flower photos – here, on my site, fourteen at a time.  You can see garden flowers (pt 1) here, if you care to have a look. So far these are just flowers from the garden here in Belfast, but I’ll specify the location in each post because…Read more

2015 garden flowers (pt 1)

I take a lot of photos of the flowers in the garden here in Belfast – and there are a LOT of flowers  – but I don’t really do anything with the pics once I’ve snapped them. They usually just end up taking up space on my various hard drives or in the cloud. I’ve been…Read more

dundrum castle

On the same day that Hank and I went to Tollymore Forest Park (you can read/ see all the pics from that post here), we stopped by a Norman Castle that I happened to see up on a hill. It turns out it was Dundrum Castle. I knew that it sounded familiar to me, but…Read more